The following items are available for Farhad's fans who live overseas

Farhad biography (Paperback)$14


This is the only book about Farhad which is approved and recommended by Farhad's wife "Pooran Golfam". This book reveals some of the undiscovered aspects of Farhad's character which may astonish his fans. Plenty of unseen pictures of Farhad are included in this book as well as a series of photographs taken by him. The 5th edition of this book is published with minor changes.

ISBN 978-964-209-312-0
304 pages / 5th Edition

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The album 159 [5CDs + booklet]$22

$22 (includes postage & Protective Envelope)

This collection contains a booklet of lyrics from many of his hits, both in Persian and English, his pictures and 5 phenomenal CD’s of his songs (including a few short interviews), some rarely published before. More than 30 songs of this package are not available on music streaming platforms like Spotify & AppleMusic .

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Amen Farhad [2 DVD set]$14

$14 (includes postage & Protective Envelope)

This DVD set contains different concert footage of Farhad in Europe, some of his early works on Iranian TV, his interviews and his last days in Paris in his private residence. With the help and hard work of his wife and many fans, this great album is finally available.

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Farhad Live$5

$5 (includes postage & Protective Envelope)

This audio CD contains Farhad's Live concert in Tehran at Shahr Hotel. Farhad has performed few concerts in Tehran in the last decade of his life and this is one of those concerts which was recorded.

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$26 (includes postage & Protective Envelope)

This is a great collection for Farhad’s fans. It contains The album 159 [5CDs + booklet], Amen Farhad [2 DVD set] and Farhad Live [1 CD] which is provided for a reduced price.

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