To Amoo Farhad

By: Hydeh


When the wind swirls and
the autumn leaves mix with
the sound of cello,
and piano,
I think of you.
Once, you told me
"Tuberose smells of goodbye"
I never said goodbye to you
but, the smell of Tuberose
is always lingering in the air
reminding me of you.
Always, it felt as if I was
saying goodbye to you with
no words.
You were the prince that lived in a
forbidden castle
deep in a forbidden forest.
I  could never reach you,
if I could,
I'd bring you a Tuberose,
a cup of tea,
and a blank notebook.
I'd ask you to let me watch you
while you so passionately inhaled
the smell of Tuberose
enjoyed your tea,
and wrote with
your deep sweet concentration,
with your beautiful frown
in your note book.
What would you write
my wounded prince?
It wouldn't matter,
I am at peace with your belonging
to a forbidden world that was
always beyond my understanding.
I'm sad beyond words because
I miss you and I am jealous
of the being that took you away
without my holding you and
telling you,
I love you.
In my mind,
in my dreams,
in my longings,
everywhere is full of
Tuberose but still,
I cannot say








بيوگرافي .عكس .نامه ها

بريده جرايد .انتشارات


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